Michelle Marie

The hushed ambiance of guitarist Michelle Marie’s compositions, accented with graceful melodic gestures and vocal caresses, seem to extend from the artist’s soft-spoken personality. The depth of Michelle Marie’s guitar playing seems to blur the line of instrument and person. It is as though the guitar is an extension of her personality. A vast array of intricate, inventive melodic lines flows effortlessly. Michelle Marie’s harmonic sense is highly developed with lots of open and sometimes dissonant bi-tonal progressions. The overall sound is very evocative, otherworldly, and challenging to the listener.” Self-taught and one of the female guitar players on the jazz scene today, Michelle Marie’s original compositions and arrangements create an incredible, impressionistic atmosphere. With influences spanning from the music of Debussy and Ravel to Rock, and Brazilian music, Michelle Marie engages in intimate moments with audiences internationally. With her music, she conveys her sense of the external world: “Sound is music: the rain, the wind, the sky. Music is an expression of life as we see it.”

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