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Michel Perez

French guitarist Michel Perez has the reputation of being a sincere and humble musician, a respected composer and a master of his instrument. What makes Michel's phrasing so interesting and unique is that he's not thinking like a guitar player, but more like a sax player and a pianist.

Never showing off, Michel speaks with his heart and doesn't use his virtuosity for the sake of it. He is a musician before an instrumentalist.

As you can identify the sound of Pat Metheny, Django, Wes Montgomery or John Scofield, you can tell when Michel plays; he has his own style and a great tone. His originality and sensibility puts him among the best jazz musicians.

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” Michel Perez, guitariste au jeu limpide, constamment inspiré... Des melodies raffinées, aux tempi et climats assez variés pour composer un univers diapré et personnel, sans que les “fondamentaux du jazz”, swing, improvisation, sensibilité, soient a aucun moment abandonnés.” Jacques Aboucaya - Jazz Magazine

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