mike Bere

Mike 'Bere was born Michael Ebere Nwosu to a Ghanaian Mother and a Nigerian Father in Lagos, Nigeria on 17th October 1974. Music was part of the family as his Father played the locally made percussion called “Omile” and His mother sang in the Choir. This provided the needed basis for Mike's interest in music. In 1982, in Aba, Abia state of Nigeria. He started trying his hands on percussion and when in 1987 he moved with his Parents to Lagos, he met a friend who had an acoustic rhythm guitar hanging in his room as a mere decoration. Mike would later visit his friend daily after school hours to practice with the guitar. Music instructional books in Lagos were scarce in those days and he painfully searched for music books for information. When he was comfortable with some basic major and minor chords, his love for music saw him switching over to bass guitar. Said He, “…if playing a six-stringed instrument was possible, then playing four should be easier.” That same year he started playing drums, which came naturally.

In 1987, he joined the choir of TREM (A Pentecostal Church) as a Tenor Singer and later switched over to join the musicians as a percussionist and an second Drummer. His zeal to be a good musician made him work tirelessly on all the instruments he played. Slowly but surely, he was getting better and proficient. This caught the fancy of Bands, artistes and other musicians who preferred having him on board. By 1992, He has started creating a name for himself within the country.

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