Mike Dillon

When jazz legends Lionel Hampton and Milt Jackson first introduced the vibes to the jazz idiom circa 1930, they could have never in their wildest dreams foreseen where Mike Dillon would take the concept 75 years later. Likewise, Dillon's heroes Black Sabbath, The Minutemen and Bad Brains would've been hard-pressed to envision a vibraphonist internalizing their punk ethos and conjuring his own rage-against-the-machine spirit through the mellifluous sounds of the vibraphone. Enter the man himself, Mike Dillon. None of these observations matter or ever will. Some would call a force of nature like his visionary. But again, Dillon confounds. He's not interested in celebrating vision or any of the lofty ideals that come along with it. Mike Dillon is about throwing down, getting on the good foot and chasing the muse wherever it flows. Case in point, Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle and their rawkus debut album, Battery Milk, to be released January 30, 2007 on the Brooklyn-based independent record label, HYENA Records.

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Date Event Time
Nov29Wed Mike Dillon
Woodlands Tavern
Columbus, OH
8:00 pm




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Charlie Hunter Charlie Hunter
guitar, 8-string
Skerik Skerik
Benevento/Russo Duo Benevento/Russo Duo
Robert Walter Robert Walter
organ, Hammond B3
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