Mike Noordzy

Mike Noordzy is bass player. Upright and electric. He also plays guitar and contra alto clarinet. He's an improviser and composer and plays in the bands Mothguts, MOFODiSHU, and Intense Men.

MOFODiSHU (moe-foe-dee-shu) is a noise/drone/ambient/improv/jazz trio from central NJ shore. Formed in early 2009, Mof consists of three like minded improvisers/sound generators: Mike Noordzy - contra alto clarinet, Bb clarinet and obobaphone (a homemade oboe/snake charmer like instrument). Bradley Karl - guitar, voice, bells, whistles, analog noise. Max Ross - laptop, turntable. The sound exists in three definable, constantly evolving layers: acoustic(mike), analog(brad) and digital(max). The group would count artists like Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, the Emeralds, John Zorn and Peter Brotzmann amongst it's primary influences, though their sound is certainly one unto their own.

Rhythm is for Gals, the follow up to 2009's Weirdo Night, was released in October 2010 for NACHT records. Rhythm was recorded in one night using 2 microphones and no overdubs. That being said, the music was pieced together in a Bitches Brew style of cut and paste editing which consolidates 2 hours of recorded material into 26 minutes. The album title, Rhythm is for Gals, comes from a quote spoken by clarinetist Mike Noordzy to a guy from a young rock band after Mof played last at an unattended extremely mismatched show on the coldest day of the year last winter. At the end of the night the young wide eyed rocker said something to the effect of “…you guys are cool, but…..you should organize it …… maybe add some drums.” To which Mike responded, “Drums? rhythm is for gals.” Then the very scary steroid fueled bouncer came over and said, “Yeah, you guys add some gun shot sounds and it'd ahh-ight.”

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Strange Highway

Strange Highway

Mike Noordzy
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