Milo Lombardi Milo Lombardi

Milo Lombardi is an Italian saxophonist and composer. His debut album, “Going Nowhere (Enjoying the Ride),” which was produced thanks to a crowd-funding campaign, was praised for its fresh, melodic sound, and brought Lombardi to the attention of the European jazz scene.

Lombardi is an inspired composer as well as a refined saxophone player. His sound has a touch of Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Charlie Rouse and a hint of Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. His music is a modern melodic jazz with some Latin influences and pays homage to some great composers from the past such as Bill Evans, Bobby Hutcherson and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Lombardi (born August 9, 1988 in Fano, Italy) studied piano as a child and when he was eleven he entered the “G. Rossini” conservatory in Pesaro, Italy, where he then studied saxophone with Enzo Veddovi. At the age of nineteen he graduated and moved to Sydney, Australia, where he performed with the Sydney Wind Symphony Orchestra. In 2009 he left Australia and started touring throughout Europe meanwhile studying composition and jazz arranging with Massimo Morganti.

Lombardi is currently based in Berlin, where he performs regularly in jazz clubs and concert halls.


“His fingers glide ever so lightly over the keys, with eight notes per second he exceeds the normal level of virtuosity.” Berliner Morgenpost
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Album Going Nowhere (Enjoying the Ride) by Milo Lombardi

Going Nowhere...

Milo Lombardi

Going Nowhere (Enjoying the Ride)

Going Nowhere (Enjoying the Ride)

Milo Lombardi
Going Nowhere (Enjoying the...

Time is Amazing

Time is Amazing

Milo Lombardi
Going Nowhere (Enjoying the...


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