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The Malmö-based Monika Hoffman has made a thrilling musical journey. Geographically she's landed in Boston, Hungary and Canada. Musically she moves in between the areas of Classical Music, Latin Jazz and Pop.

Since Monika has roots in a Hungarian family of musicians it never struck her as unnatural to embrace her colourful heritage. September 22'nd she will finally release her first album at home base.

On her debut album ”Let's Run Away” Monika's music spans over several hues of the Latin-american musical palette. She has chosen to compose her lyrics in English, Swedish and Hungarian. ”I think it's very important to preserve my heritage. Hungarian is a fantastically beautiful language that does very well in powerful ballads. Swedish is my first language and English is very close to me as I've worked a lot in the USA. I try not to limit myself.” Monika comments.

In the mid-2000's Monika tried her wings in 'Megaztár', the Hungarian version of 'Idol' which later lead to a record deal and her appearance in the Hungarian Eurovision Song Contest. She has studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston where she performed with the legends like Michael Brecker and Charlie Hayden. She has also been acknowledged at home field where she's been awarded scholarships from Sandviken Big Band and Jazz Under Stjärnorna (Jazz under the starry sky) in Brantevik.

Monika's binding theme in her music is infatuation; an infatuation with instruments, icons, rythms and above all a passion for melodies. As a child she fell in love with classical music when she received a violin from her Hungarian mother. She later discovered Gypsy Kings which lead her to Latin American music and artists like Gloria Estefan, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Marc Anthony.

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Gáspár Károly,​ 31 januari 2020

“Monika Hoffman's “Ten Muses” album gives a perfect picture of a versatile singer with fantastic skills”

Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten​ ​27 januari 2020

“The Malmö-based vocalist Monika Hoffman has roots in Hungary and Germany, recorded the album in Stuttgart and one has to say that the result has been very successfully excecuted.”

Rolf Thomas i ​‚Jazzthing‘​ February/March 2020

“A great expedition through jazz and pop history.” ”The diversity is what makes “Ten Muses” so attractive...”


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