Moon Preach

Moon Preach by SUN SPEAK

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Label: Flood Music
Released: 2019
Duration: 42:23:40
Views: 214

Track Listing

Alaska, Jagged Midnight, Mbira, Foxon, Offhue, Roost, Quilt, Rubato, Low Light, Davlin


Additional Personnel / Information

Nate Friedman: drums, percussion; Matt Gold: Guitar, Lap Steel, Bass; Dan Pierson: Analog Synthesizers, Wurlitzer

Album Description

The Chicago-based instrumental duo SUN SPEAK releases its fourth album, Moon Preach, on October 25th via Flood Music. On the heels of a 2018 collaboration with New York vocalist Sara Serpa, Moon Preach delivers ten original compositions that further explore the duo’s earthy melodicism, loping grooves, and finely-tuned textures. Recorded in a one-room house in rural New Hampshire, Moon Preach evokes both the quiet calm and dream-like chaos of this off-the-grid setting. The opening track “Alaska” reimagines an older piece, “Unalaska” (from 2014’s Sacred Rubble) and casts it anew in a static swirl; “Quilt” and “Offhue” explore the more surreal elements of rhythm and texture, building into turbulent abstractions. Elsewhere, tracks like “Davlin” and “Jagged Midnight” offer something closer to an introspective Americana. This duality has become a trademark of Sun Speak’s recordings, finding a center between stripped-down structures and more aggressive textural explorations — Moon Preach is their strongest attempt at this balance yet.


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