Moscow Files

Moscow Files by Luca Sisera

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Luca Sisera

Label: Leo Records
Released: 2017
Duration: 40:00:00
Views: 438

Track Listing

1 Music Is UM 2 Re: Foo? Roofer! 3 S... Use X, Ask Saxes, Us! 4 We're REW! 5 Ac Ultra Art - Luca! 6 Maurus Sur U. Am. 7 E t.c. A Ton Did Not Act E. 8 Use Caps, Slee, Free Jazz. A Jeer Feels Space.su


Luca Sisera
Luca Sisera

bass, acoustic

Additional Personnel / Information

Luca Sisera: b; Alexey Kruglov: as; Michael Jaeger: ts; Maurus Twerenbold: tb; Yves Theiler: p; Michi Stulz: dr

Album Description

In March 2017, the outstanding Swiss jazz quintet "Luca Sisera ROOFER" played on a tour of Russia with Moscow's famous alto saxophonist Alexey Kruglov as their guest. The music that emerged on stage each evening was magical. So magical that they promptly decided to disappear into a Moscow sound studio between two concert evenings, in order to capture this magic in a recording. Here, the six musicians did not focus on composed material, but on the essence — pure, free improvisation. The result of this studio session is an impressive musical journey now under the name of Moscow Files, released on CD by Leo Records.


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