Mothers Favorite Child

Instrument: Band/orchestra

Mothers Favorite Child celebrates the fruits of inspiration through its “Jazz Soul” music. The key element in the Mothers Favorite Child music-making process is recording everything from the scratch vocals to rough jazz soul musical ideas as if it's the final recording. Each recording brings new magic and sometimes evolves into new sounds resulting in multiple interpretations of then and now. MothersvFavoritevChild began as a gift of intuition . . . an intricate feeling deep within the core of producer/songwriter Paris Toon. Using his “gift”, Paris carefully assembled a collection of incredibly unique and talented individuals, and bestowed his lyrics and musical thoughts upon them.

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Pimp Strut blends together the thickest roots of Soul & Jazz, creating a dark & smooth aural substance that coats the eardrums and loosens the knots within the mind “ - Sound Snitch

Paris Toon has some great songwriting and production skills. I had a great time playing bass with Mothers Favorite Child”. - Fred Thomas - Bass Player James Brown