Motoshi Kosako Motoshi Kosako

International Jazz Harp Competition 2nd Place!

Motoshi was born in the sister city of Sacramento, Matsuyama City, Japan. Motoshi began his long pursuit of music at three years of age, with the piano, then continued with the guitar. His love of music has influenced his life deeply. In Japan all through his studies in The University of Tokyo, with university level Judo competition, and in becoming a sushi chef, music was always a driving beat to his life. This drive and rhythm comes through no matter what instrument he is playing. Whether he is performing for a private wedding or event, or performing on stage with his electric guitar. His dedication and passion are always evident in the preciseness of his playing.

Motoshi was never satisfied with just being a follower, he was constantly needing to learn from the best, and push himself to new limits. In Tokyo he played the acoustic and electric guitar in professional Jazz bands and the Swing Journal magazine described him as “one of the most remarkable young Jazz musicians.”

In 1997, Mr. Kosako moved to the United States and soon after, he gave up the guitar completely and started playing the harp. He is primarily self-taught with a few lessons from Dominique Piana of Holly Name College (Oakland, CA) to learn fundamental harp technique.

He began performing numerous concerts as a soloist and as an accompanist for singers, flutists and violinists. Writing music for productions, and playing for public events. In 2002 and 2003 he recorded his first two solo albums Celestial Harp I and Celestial Harp II. In 2006 Motoshi had the distinguished honor of being named principal harpist of the Stockton Symphony Orchestra, under the very capable baton of Conductor, Mr. Peter Jaffe. You can also see him playing for the Folsom Lake Symphony Orchestra, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra and many Choirs. Other places you will find him, is as a street musician performing for Art Festivals, Wine tastings, Wedding shows, and the like.

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”Looks good and sounds great.” from the owners of Camelot Gallery (

”Ground breaking style.” Judge from the International Jazz Harp Competition

Swing Journal magazine “one of the most remarkable young Jazz musicians.”

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Intermediate to advanced


Motoshi leads seminars and and classes for young adults and adults who wish to pursue jazz improvisations with the pedal harp. With his very unique style he will help them understand jazz theory and find their own voice on this unique instrument.

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