Musician Comments and Suggestions

  • In the web and related links there should be a place where one can add one's CD Baby page or other web site used for selling Cds and another to a place where one cells music scores such as a store page.

    Edward Simon - All About Jazz profile photo Edward Simon

  • When you click a link away from the site (for example out to my own site) the "back" function is disabled, which means that you have to re-log into AAJ. Can you get links to open in a sub window I wonder?

    Martin Archer - All About Jazz profile photo Martin Archer

  • Hello from Sevilla (Spain),please, in the genre section, i would like if they were able add "Flamenco fusion" style. Thank you very much and best regards.

    Pablo Zapata - All About Jazz profile photo Pablo Zapata

  • editing this website is a major chore. This server makes mistakes and deletes changes. what can one expect for free!?

    Mike Turk - All About Jazz profile photo Mike Turk

  • The new design works great and solved a lot of issues. The site could be better known in my country (Norway). More activity directed at social web?

    Tellef Ogrim - All About Jazz profile photo Tellef Ogrim

  • It Would Be Nice To Simplify The Add of Artist original Music & Live Music Videos

    Joseph Alan Fears - All About Jazz profile photo Joseph Alan Fears

  • Digital download (music and charts) software that can be placed in everybody's site, preferably integrable with the google cart. For example. -google check out on site, person orders download. -payment through google with percentage to AAJ -google sends url/key to customer directed to AAJ This could be big, and nobody has offered it as a fully integrable function with the google cart system. Contact me if you would like to work on this, I will lend a helping hand. Best, Marc

    Marc Mommaas - All About Jazz profile photo Marc Mommaas

  • I'd like to enter some "similar musicians" but I can't find where to update that in my profile update-interface. Sorry if I'm just being blind...

    Dan Krimm - All About Jazz profile photo Dan Krimm

  • You should have a page on SPOTIFY because that is how music will be consumed next on a mass level

    Landry - All About Jazz profile photo Landry

  • More explanations about the template for discographies would be great.

    Andy Firth - All About Jazz profile photo Andy Firth

  • The "buy" links for the albums in my Musician Profile should be editable or we should have the option of hiding them. As currently implemented, they link to an automatic search at, using my name as the search term. However, the albums I list in my profile are not searchable by my name - only by the band name. Therefore the search result is: "Bob Karty did not match any products". These kind of links really annoy me as a customer, and so I imagine my potential fans would feel the same. Please fix this.

    Bob Karty - All About Jazz profile photo Bob Karty

  • Site has issues when there is a RED tab showing, you cant click on it to fix the issues. Also, when picking United States as a country (for addresses in the US), it shows up as an error!

    Dan Prowse - All About Jazz profile photo Dan Prowse

  • For the "Buy" section in my discography could the link for "Impossible Things" lead to this link: ?

    Corrie Dick - All About Jazz profile photo Corrie Dick

  • I would love to upload photos. But, the guidelines make it difficult seeing that most artists have their pictures taken by professionals and therefore I can't take credit for them. There has to be a way that we can change that aspect of the picture upload section. That would be wonderful.

    Sean Jones - All About Jazz profile photo Sean Jones

  • It would be helpful to have a monthly tally of visitors to profiles and recording labels which is consistent. I have noticed that this information is not always available in the case now of my profile, and previously one or both recording labels.

    David Panton - All About Jazz profile photo David Panton

  • Musician Profiles-A very important feature to add would be an option for a secondary instrument. These days I consider myself to be a vocalist as much as a drummer. This is actually quite common. Diana Krall, Nat King Cole, George Benson, Harry Connick Jr., etc. When people that know nothing about The Brad Allen Trio see my upcoming performance, they will assume it's an insttumental only group. This hurts my promotional efforts because jazz audiences really respond well to jazz vocalists. It's one of my unique selling points.

    Brad Allen - All About Jazz profile photo Brad Allen

  • Have a place to link AAj articles about me to my profile

    Mike Lee - All About Jazz profile photo Mike Lee

  • It would be nice to be able to include certain liner notes and credits for the individual discography posts

    Scott McDavid - All About Jazz profile photo Scott McDavid

  • Hi. When the profile s viewed, there is a TAB for News. I cannot locate a button to update the press review link that shows when News is selected. Where do we update the press link?

    Pamela Hart - All About Jazz profile photo Pamela Hart

  • How about making a section for each country?

    Dan Cahn - All About Jazz profile photo Dan Cahn

  • I still can't upload schedule for Blue Horizon Jazz Band! Can you simplify spread sheet instructions? Even trying to upload one entry at a time brings me back to my "general" screen but no way to write. Thanks, Ellen FINALLY—you probably saw I succeeded. I think! Forget about the spread sheet. I logged out and was able to enter individual gigs. Thank you. :) Ellen

    Stan McDonald - All About Jazz profile photo Stan McDonald

  • As a traveling vocalist, I often wonder why no one talks about what's going on with Jazz from a traveling Jazz musician's point of view. Only the highest level, labeled artist seem to be covered here. Ever thought of an AAJ Jr? Or a video entertainment show with someone on the ground who can report what's actually happening in the Jazz clubs around the world? Consider me!

    Coco Rouzier - All About Jazz profile photo Coco Rouzier

  • Let me get rid of the compulsory (?) Youtube search and Wikipedia links in the musician profiles - the youtube links highlight a sex offender who happens to share my name and the Wiki goes to a deleted page of a Pete Newman who was deemed to have insufficient "notability". It doesn't help me to be associated with them!

    Pete Newman - All About Jazz profile photo Pete Newman

  • Please include more UK cities.

    Suzanne Mellard - All About Jazz profile photo Suzanne Mellard

  • Add the Music style of "Gypsy Jazz"

    Don Price - All About Jazz profile photo Don Price

  • . . . a listing of venues, global, owners are marketed to register as being pro- jazz-gig event spaces - musos can comment on how it is to perform there . . .

    Thomas Nowotny - All About Jazz profile photo Thomas Nowotny

  • A few profile updates are a little buggy. Listing multiple videos, trying to change profile photo, and uploading photos could have been a smoother experience.

    Terence Koo - All About Jazz profile photo Terence Koo

  • There are 2 Carl Maguire and there is already discography of another Carl Maguire. We need two separate Carl Maguire account. Thank you.

    Carl Maguire - All About Jazz profile photo Carl Maguire

  • All of the little box forms are extremely limiting, and dont cover the questions very well. I wonder how hard it would be to post the answers as written.

    Allen Price - All About Jazz profile photo Allen Price

  • Repair the new wonderful discography so that it can be adjusted from "manage my content". As it is now the Discography for my subject has disappeared from ""

    Martha Tilton - All About Jazz profile photo Martha Tilton

  • Make the editing pages where when you have to go and gather information or simply upload a photo, you do not have to reenter all the info you've already entered before that point. I had to upload pictures came back and all of my info was gone and I had to start all over a few times. At least have a "save" button where your info is stored without having to "Submit" leave the page and comeback to enter the next section. Thank you.

    LaGrand - All About Jazz profile photo LaGrand

  • The "contact" section is not secured i.e.(https). This is a concern because AAJ is asking for our address, phone numbers, etc. Just an observation. Thanks!

    Anita Besong - All About Jazz profile photo Anita Besong

  • Feature more Jazz - Post Rock crossover stuff

    Matt Stevens - All About Jazz profile photo Matt Stevens

  • Enable calendar subscribing so that musicians can enter all of their calendar info on a calendar client that can be subscribed to, such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal or a WebDAV service.

    Doug Beavers - All About Jazz profile photo Doug Beavers

  • I suggest a blog where musicians can directly chat with each other in every state and suggest moderates to cover that task for you so it doesn't task your webmaster. Just a thought! I am also preparing to hold a Musicians Open Forum for which I have a face book page in the Houston, TX area. This forum will meet at the Up Town Galleria Center at the Tasting Room. I've not set the time or the place yet, but I plan on securing one of the private areas for a Sunday afternoon, and once we get organized. My plans are to assemble teams to rotate and play music there at the wine bar. For the intermission, we will allow other musicians to audition for future slots. We will get paid for those gigs. Our core meeting monthly will be during the week to relax and channel and support each other and form trios and help each other with gigs. It is difficult for ensembles to create the balance they seek. This is one way to work it out. I'll be in touch!

    Glass of Class Jazz Solutions - All About Jazz profile photo Glass of Class Jazz Solutions

  • Perhaps some phone interviews, then post them for all to hear.

    Geoff Clapp - All About Jazz profile photo Geoff Clapp

  • When I try to manage the musician page, it doesn't have an option for managing their photos. The Photo Admin only lets me manage my photos. How do I manage the photos on the page for which I am an editor/admin?

    John Cocuzzi - All About Jazz profile photo John Cocuzzi

  • Add Grand Rapids to the michigan cities.

    Brad Fritcher+Trios - All About Jazz profile photo Brad Fritcher+Trios

  • Obtain some faster servers ....very slow this AM.

    Vinnie V. - All About Jazz profile photo Vinnie V.

  • Make it possible to update a profile photo. My photo is of someone I don't know. I upload my desired photo but it doesn't change. The stranger is still there. I've tried it a number of times today and gave up.

    Bob Smith - All About Jazz profile photo Bob Smith

  • Please, pretty please, PLEEEASE allow us to customize the "genre" for our music.

    Evan Christopher - All About Jazz profile photo Evan Christopher

  • I'd like to see a regular feature called The Jazz Guitar Corner. The concept is premised on drawing new traffic to the site based on fans who may not like the "horn" side of Jazz but may be drawn to the "guitar" side.

    Chuck Anderson - All About Jazz profile photo Chuck Anderson

  • On reviews, it would be helpful to have individual links to the musicians profiles in addition to the band. Also, incorporating soundcloud widgets / etc would be amazing!!

    Aram Shelton - All About Jazz profile photo Aram Shelton

  • The "willing to teach" designation is misleading ... when I make my selection when editing my profile, it says "Willing to teach the following levels up" which makes sense. But the result visible to the public on my profile simply says "Willing to teach ... beginners" which implies that I'm only willing to teach beginners. Should clearly state: "will teach beginners through advanced," or something like that.

    Fred Simon - All About Jazz profile photo Fred Simon

  • a troubleshooting page for photo/profile problems would be great, thanks!

    Dev Avidon - All About Jazz profile photo Dev Avidon

  • I recommend making it more straight-forward to download images in one's profile for AAJ (ie. not ask for a URL).

    Walter Ehresman - All About Jazz profile photo Walter Ehresman

  • How about a category for photographers? I'm a music photographer as well and I'd love to be able to network here amongst musicians.

    Matt Perko - All About Jazz profile photo Matt Perko

  • If AAJ has Japanese language site,Japanese jazz fans will be so happy, because many tourists from Japan to come to New York to listen to Jazz.

    Mihoko Uemura - All About Jazz profile photo Mihoko Uemura

  • If possible have a way to link together all info that pops up about an artist on the web.Or just to a google search

    Brian Girley - All About Jazz profile photo Brian Girley

  • Not sure yet how to upload a song im sure when i get a great one ready i will figure it out--Thanks

    Jason Haugland - All About Jazz profile photo Jason Haugland

  • It would be great for the calendar widget to have the option to import/sync to a served ical-calendar.

    Uli Rennert - All About Jazz profile photo Uli Rennert

  • maybe have a link to emails I get here to be linked to my email address so I can respond to them in a timely manner? Thanks for all of your improvements to the site!

    Jaye Maynard - All About Jazz profile photo Jaye Maynard

  • Please add more genres to your list of 'Primary Genres', eg. New Jazz, M-Base, Avant-Jazz, Bebop, Hard Bop, Freebop, Post Bop, World-Jazz, Third-Stream.

    Beni Williams - All About Jazz profile photo Beni Williams

  • Add an option to provide a link that joins the Facebook like button on my AAJ profile to my Facebook Band page. This way, likes I get for my music on AAJ are displayed across my Social Media presence. The tool is available to all Facebook users. Just click 'Resources' from your edit Band page page, click "Use Social plug-ins" under 'Connect with People', click the 'like' button resource, and enter your band url. You can then copy out the src in the iframe to post to AAJ and the likes you get here are reflected on Facebook. Only difficult step is registering the AAJ Website as a Developer's App so Facebook accepts the incoming data, if not already done. One more step, but really not that hard. Some people will have to learn how to add this resource or ask for help from a friend, but to the people who are savvy it makes all the difference. It's another step in the right direction for AAJ.

    Adam De Lucia - All About Jazz profile photo Adam De Lucia

  • A portal whereby festival organisers could scout musicians and bands through the AAJ website for potential concert performances.

    Daniel Gassin - All About Jazz profile photo Daniel Gassin

  • Improved aesthetics and usability are never a bad thing. Invest in a redesign that will stand the test of time... not that it looks awful. I've definitely seen worse. But it needs to feel like a place you want to hang your hat in, and right now it doesn't to me. Money is always an issue, but if you can find the right designer for the right price it will pay off in the long run.

    Scott McLemore - All About Jazz profile photo Scott McLemore

  • As jazz is now in almost every country, could be a nice thing to have access to info in different countries; as I know Spain, Argentina, Portugal, France, UK, Germany, Brasil Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, etc.....

    Dani Perez - All About Jazz profile photo Dani Perez

  • Having separate professional personal and musician profiles is confusing...I only need one!

    Liz Malys - All About Jazz profile photo Liz Malys

  • Cover alternative jazz forms,...artists like William Orbit for instance. Some may argue that my material isn't jazz but let's not forget John Scofield's argument for Jimi Hendrix! FYI: Sources have claimed that Miles Davis and Hendrix were discussing a possible collaboration before Jimi's death.

    Glenn Nolle - All About Jazz profile photo Glenn Nolle

  • untag option

    Carras Paton - All About Jazz profile photo Carras Paton

  • Maybe have acoustic guitar along with the other guitar families when searching for musicians, as it took me a while to find acoustic, so I first looked under "guitar" have to scroll down to find acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Great site, so many thanks, Derek

    Derek Gripper - All About Jazz profile photo Derek Gripper

  • Please put New Orleans Jazz & Dixieland in two separate genres - they are like night & day...

    Spirit Of New Orleans - All About Jazz profile photo Spirit Of New Orleans

  • Make a musician space to make contact each other. To record, play or simply travel to their different countries. And exchange ideas, styles, songs...

    Anna Luna Lucas - All About Jazz profile photo Anna Luna Lucas

  • Create a CD review/submission staff. People that can give reviews of CD's... a place for us independent up and coming jazz artists to get their CD reviewed...

    Andy Kotz - All About Jazz profile photo Andy Kotz

  • News In October 2009 " Stick with me", the new Peppe Merolla cd will be released! This will be followed by tours in both the U.S.A. and Italy in November 2009. On this project Mr. Merolla is featuring World Class Musicians From New York City. Do not miss this one , stay tuned!! Most of the tunes are original compositions by Mr.Merolla and Mr.Farnsworth Mr. Merolla would like to thank John Farnsworth for his friendship, support and the great music that he writes! Personnel: Peppe Merolla (Drums) Steve Turre (Trombone and Shells) John Farnsworth (Tenor Saxophone) Jim Rotondi (Trumpet) Mike LeDonne (Piano) Lee Smith (Bass)

    Peppe Merolla - All About Jazz profile photo Peppe Merolla

  • Finding it difficult to upload photos between 2-3mb, and the data base for the band members is faulty. I keep getting the wrong personnel on gigs.

    Libby Richman - All About Jazz profile photo Libby Richman

  • Teaching articles about improvizational theory should be given special help young musicians.

    John Tatum - All About Jazz profile photo John Tatum

  • Personally, I think you should do an article on me! I've been around, through the ups and downs and have amazingly kept playing in the jazz tradition "without having been recorded and/or documented much at all". With the passing of Mr. Hank Jones, (who had recently told me that "we should do something") I have lost a bit of hope (in that I thought we would have been great together and he obviously would have been a super shot in my career) but hey, just listening to the likes of him persuades me to do more and continue to make great music!

    Craig Holiday Haynes - All About Jazz profile photo Craig Holiday Haynes

  • Make it so you can post multiple events in one day on the calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ian Tordella - All About Jazz profile photo Ian Tordella

  • You can link to website calender. Even if you dont dates should fall off of your calender when they pass. You guys still have a 5 year old of Yves showing. You can also like to our website page and guestbook.

    Yve Evans - All About Jazz profile photo Yve Evans

  • It would be great that there are more easier ways to interact each other within Jazz communities and associates around the world for business affairs. Jazz Social Networking model that is more sophisticated like other genres of music have been already very successful with. We would like to see more the Key for Classical Jazz to preserve and Modern Jazz to thrive in US music world. We would like to see more corporations and collaborations happening in Jazz communities!

    Michael White Quintet - All About Jazz profile photo Michael White Quintet

  • Embed an audio player into the profile so we can have an exclusive jazz community that is a little more focused than myspace. :)

    Meilana Gillard - All About Jazz profile photo Meilana Gillard

  • I'm a young musician just heading off to college and haven't gotten a chance to look at much on this website, but I'm always having trouble finding good chord changes. If its not here already, that might be something to incorporate.

    Nicholas Barnhard

  • Have regional spotlights. Show how jazz players and singers also do lots outside the world of jazz and/or how they connect and how it impacts music in general!

    Tony Gallo

  • Make Jimmy Isaacs a contributor. He writes for the Boston Globe and hosts Here and Now, a terrific Jazz News and Sports site that keeps you up to date with those things that are important to us.

    Don Lackritz

  • The Field 'Latest album cover art URL' is disables (contains text 'Figuur'. If click, a message apear: internal error (to go to http:/// ) —> with 3 slashes. Regards,

    JooZz & Willy Sparrow

  • More interviews! Go get the old guys before it's too late. And if you already did it, do it again: Paul Motian, Sam Rivers, Ben Riley... And younger ones! Eric McPherson, Jon Fält, Kresten Osgood, Joonas Riipa, Susie Ibarra.. and that's just drummers!

    Oyvind Skarbo

  • Hi— I realize I have not made use of the many new features at AAJ and I hope to do so in the coming weeks. In the meantime, a suggestion/plea: it would be really helpful if you put the Genre listing links in alphabetical order. I just checked in for the first time in many months and was very disappointed not to see my genre (Brazilian) listed. That is, until I poked around, came BACK to that page and THEN saw it, way out of order towards the bottom of the list. I think it would help everyone if that list were put in order. Thanks for reading, and thanks for creating such a great site! Susan

    Susan Pereira

  • Feature article on different smaller scenes throughout the world.


  • I had a problem as I am both a guitarist and a bassist and was not comfortable choosing a single main instrument. Also, my group is Signel-Z but I had to just use my name, Steven Ignelzi, this seemed to be a problem as I am promoting the group.

    Steven Ignelzi

  • You definitely need an easier to navigate website

    Larry A Williams

  • maybe have an option to set up a "band" or a "group" profile. thanks!!

    We're Not Popstars

  • I love the flexibility and convenience of All About Jazz! I can connect with other musicians and reach a national market about my performances.

    Nelson L. Render

  • That will be nice to list Caribbean Jazz or Afro-Caribbean jazz among the genres of Jazz.


  • my main instrument the Bansuri (north indian bamboo flute) is not listed in the instruments list.

    Joshua Geisler

  • Allow us to include our heroes as a list.

    William Stewart

  • I wish I could indicate exactly where to purchase my CD as it is not available on all the sites you list it is.

    Jef Kearns

  • Perhaps more buy and sell space, lessons (tips) and CD and gear reviews.

    Christopher McKee

  • Keep linking with as many other sites as you can. Word gets around this way. Your site has a great vibe!

    Anna Dagmar

  • Don't ask so much questions. Bossa Nova is not the same as "Brazilian" (as if Jazz would be only "American" and the only "Anerican" music). What happened with mainstream? What does "kudo" mean. Let persons leave blanks if they do not agree (or don't have or have never thought of having or refuse to have) things like direct link name.

    Luis Vivanco

  • I don't have any complaints if i had to say anything, Update the layout?

    Myles Bigelow

  • I have found I can list my calendar dates at and post them automatically to myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. It would be great if AAJ and Reverbnation could have the same compatibility.

    Tim Sparks

  • A link to make AAJ my home page!

    Suzanne McCormick

  • It might be helpful to allow musicians who are multi-instrumentalists to list one additional instrument. For example, I am a guitarist and vocalist but listed myself as a vocalist.

    James Hammel

  • Make creative music of every genre your focus, please, also expand your list of jazz-related genres to include more hyphenated sub-genres. Where can I place myself? I am ambient AND beyond jazz, and on the fringes of jazz AND fusion. Embrace the whole world of musicians and especially underdogs like myself, who are unknown, without money for publicity and marketing, who are not in the local music scene, who have gone through more hell and sufferings than you could possibly want to know about, but who only wish to be musicians.composers, visionaries.

    Domina Catrina

  • Consider a 'Letters to the Editor' listing. You may edit the information I have given above. I thank you for your consideration. Incidentally, Harry is a little reclusive which is why so little is known about him. I feel it's time to say something nice about him after all these years. You have my letter 'Hats Off To Harry!' So take it from there. Thanks again for your consideration. Herb Stark

    Harry Prime

  • An AAJ sponsored physical (or more than one) locale for meeting, hanging, latte-ing, maybe, an actual social contact place for musicians and public. I did the booking and advertising for a local lounge (no longer open) doing one night (only) per week. That one evening was quite successful (though one evening wasn't enough to keep the place afloat. A cafe-style would, I think, work better (wider age access, if nothing else).

    Jesse Bennett

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