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  • The best Jazz site ever! Essential for Jazz musicians AND jazz lovers! I'm glad to present my music here.

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  • AAJ is the premier resource for jazz musicians to get information and network!

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  • I am blown away by the absolute unadulterated professionalism and competance of Micheal Ricci and the rest of the staff at AAJ. I am a new member and since my Take Five was published, my record sales has sky rocketed. Radio and TV interview requests are flooding in due to the absolute professional presentation. Wow, this is the best bunch of music industry professionals that I have ever encountered. Kudos to you guys. We, your members salute you. Well done!!!!!

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  • Great, great website! If you're a jazz musician you need to be here often, and you absolutely need your profile on AAJ!

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  • AAJ is the greatest one-stop destination for Jazz on the web. I always come here first. Thanks for doing what you do!

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  • I did'nt know AAJ until i feel like HOME !! THX A LOT....Sal

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  • Awesome!

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  • I appreciate a resource like AAJ to keep everyone informed on all of the great things associated with the best music in the world! Keep up the great work AAJ!

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  • Great site for lovers of great music! It's ALL about jazz, baby.

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  • A must-visit website, essential for every working jazz musician.

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