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  • The best Jazz site ever! Essential for Jazz musicians AND jazz lovers! I'm glad to present my music here.

    Michaela Rabitsch - All About Jazz profile photo Michaela Rabitsch

  • I love AAJ. It's one of the most comprehensive jazz websites on the worldwide web!

    Tim Warfield - All About Jazz profile photo Tim Warfield

  • AAJ is one of the best tools any musician could have to help with promotion. and the added bonus is that michael ricci is always there when you need him. such a pleasure! mille grazie, AAJ!

    Barbara Fasano - All About Jazz profile photo Barbara Fasano

  • AAJ is a great website for people who want to know about JAZZ!!!!

    Zeke Martin - All About Jazz profile photo Zeke Martin

  • A great site full of all kinds of news and photos!

    Lisa Hilton - All About Jazz profile photo Lisa Hilton

  • ........Michael Ricci is very personable, professional, real, and helpful with all questions and comments. He has definitely made an impact on me! Thank YOU!!!

    Amaryllis Santiago - All About Jazz profile photo Amaryllis Santiago

  • I am blown away by the absolute unadulterated professionalism and competance of Micheal Ricci and the rest of the staff at AAJ. I am a new member and since my Take Five was published, my record sales has sky rocketed. Radio and TV interview requests are flooding in due to the absolute professional presentation. Wow, this is the best bunch of music industry professionals that I have ever encountered. Kudos to you guys. We, your members salute you. Well done!!!!!

    Mark Haskins - All About Jazz profile photo Mark Haskins

  • It is wonderful to know that our modern technology has enable mainkind the ability to connect on every level. All About Jazz is making it possible to use that connective force to insure the preservation of "live jazz music" for generations to discover and enjoy. Thank you!

    Skipp Pearson - All About Jazz profile photo Skipp Pearson

  • I did'nt know AAJ until i feel like HOME !! THX A LOT....Sal

    Sal La Rocca - All About Jazz profile photo Sal La Rocca

  • AAJ. Dig It!

    Tom Tallitsch - All About Jazz profile photo Tom Tallitsch

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