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  • AllAboutJazz is such a wonderful resource for jazz musicians and jazz fans. Thank you.

    Tessa Souter - All About Jazz profile photo Tessa Souter

  • Michael Ricci and his staff have been professional and thorough in their work since their inception as a web site. During the past several years I have seen their growth and development as a site become more inclusive, expansive, and driven to sustain a more high quality content. They are to be commended for their consistently conscientious work towards a more easily navigated site, and a site that continually adds new resources to serve the musicians, and the general readers and fan base. Thanks AAJ —- I look forward to working with you in the future, and in any other capacity that might develop to the mutual benefit of our respected roles in the service of the music. Sincerely, Chris Greco

    Chris Greco - All About Jazz profile photo Chris Greco

  • You swing...rock...and samba!

    Dee Bell - All About Jazz profile photo Dee Bell

  • I am blown away by the absolute unadulterated professionalism and competance of Micheal Ricci and the rest of the staff at AAJ. I am a new member and since my Take Five was published, my record sales has sky rocketed. Radio and TV interview requests are flooding in due to the absolute professional presentation. Wow, this is the best bunch of music industry professionals that I have ever encountered. Kudos to you guys. We, your members salute you. Well done!!!!!

    Mark Isaac Haskins - All About Jazz profile photo Mark Isaac Haskins

  • Nice job AAJ!

    Axel Rigaud - All About Jazz profile photo Axel Rigaud

  • I did'nt know AAJ until i feel like HOME !! THX A LOT....Sal

    Sal La Rocca - All About Jazz profile photo Sal La Rocca

  • The best Jazz site ever! Essential for Jazz musicians AND jazz lovers! I'm glad to present my music here.

    Michaela Rabitsch - All About Jazz profile photo Michaela Rabitsch

  • No others helping to encrease my profile better than AAJ! Thank you very much.

    Norberto Tamburrino - All About Jazz profile photo Norberto Tamburrino

  • AAJ helps us (musicians who are not picked up by the music industry) to be visible. It's very important so we can keep doing what we do.

    Joris Teepe - All About Jazz profile photo Joris Teepe

  • AAJ is a great place to find info on jazz atists who do not get too much exposure elsewhere. In addition, the big names are also presented with knowledge and - above all - love and respect.

    Tor E Bekken - All About Jazz profile photo Tor E Bekken