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MUSIC SOUP is a mainstay on the Greek jazz scene where they perform in all types of venues, from festivals and concert halls to jazz clubs, bars, and cafes. Evgenia and Nestor first met in 1998 when Nestor hired Evgenia to sing for a performance with his band. They continued playing together on and off for many years before they decided to form MUSIC SOUP in 2006. According to Evgenia, “We came up with our group name because we wanted to play different jazz-oriented styles in different group settings. We wanted a name that was a bit light-hearted, because we’re serious about our music but we prefer to not take ourselves very seriously.” CUT TO THE CHASE celebrates the group’s 10-year anniversary. Nestor adds, “We wanted our first project to reflect our musical journey as individuals and as a band. We try to capture in our compositions what it’s like as human beings to really live in the world and interact with people in different situations; therefore, in order to represent a whole range of our personal experiences, we don’t limit ourselves stylistically.” Evgenia Karlafti and Nestor Dimopoulos are two highly accomplished musicians, composers and arrangers who, although they live half a world away, have digested the quintessentially American idiom of jazz and created a sound that is imbued with their own culture, experiences, and personalities. Evgenia is an imaginative singer, organist and pianist, while Nestor’s musicianship is luminous. Together, along with their stellar sidemen, they have created a project that is high energy and innovative.

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No one loves an organ based jazz group more than I do, so when I heard that organ on the first song of “Music Soup’s” recording, I was happily expectant. “Cut to the Chase” is the title of this Cd and the song title of cut number one. It was composed by keyboardist, Evgenia Karlafti and guitarist, Nestor Dimopoulos. In fact, they have individually written or co-written every song on this project. The title tune bounces the time from 5/4 to 6/4 to 5/8 and races at top speed. I recognize immediately that these serious musicians are challenging the listener and themselves to play outside the box.(...) Dee Dee McNeil / Jazz Journalist Musical Memoires Blog

High fliers on the local Greek jazz scene, this trio is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a smoking B3 led set that is an appropriate discovery for a label led by a B3 player in the flesh

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Album Cut To The Chase by Music Soup

Cut To The Chase

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