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My Flame Burns Blue


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Elvis Costello

Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Released: 2006
Views: 192

Track Listing

Cd 1: 01. Hora Decubitus Costello; 02. Favourite Hour; 03.That's How You Got Killed Before; 04. Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue; 05. Clubland; 06. Almost Blue Costello; 07. Speak Darkly, My Angel; 08. Almost Ideal Eyes; 09. Can You Be True?; 10 Put Away Forbidden Playthings; 11. Episode of Blonde; 12. My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count); 13.Watching the Detectives Costello; 14 God Give Me Strength; Cd2 "Il sogno": 01.Prelude; 02. Overture;03. Puck One; 04. The Court; 05.Workers' Playtime;06. Oberon and Titania; 07.The Conspiracy of Oberon and Puck; 08. Puck Two; 09. The Identity Parade; 10. The Face of Bottom; 11.The Spark of Love; 12. Tormentress; 13. Oberon Humbled; 14. Twisted - Entangled - Transform and Exchange; 15. The Fairy and the Ass; 16. Sleep Costello; 17. The Play Costello; 18. The Wedding Costello.


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