Thom Namaya

Namaya is the jazz poet, with his band, the jazz beat blues poetry ensemble, as a solo artist, sharing the stage with such jazz luminaries like Sheila Jordan, or in performances with jazz cats around the world. “Jazz poems are the sweet fusion of sound, images, and colors dancing with the music. My favorite performances have been where the music and the story is created on stage, a bit of Sketch of Spain from Miles, or a dash of the Bird's rift, a vivacious woman who saunters into the room, an e flat minor rifts into the memory of moonlight on the Anapurna mountains, or a theme suggested from an audience.”

The best theater is the theater of imagination. Ultimately my gift to the audience is this: If in the confines of the theater we can imagine this show, then in turn, you can imagine your life as limitless possibility.”

These past few years I performed GOD SEX POLITICS in Malaysia; jammed with dozens of jazz bands; wrote and produced a new musical The Beatnik Café; finished a new book of poems VERMONT MY HOME On Blue Heron Pond; created a new large installation project Laundry List of Wishes; developed a new line of art poetry ; almost completed a new CD Amerika Uber Alles; produced half a dozen new multimedia works, many new songs and poems Best of all, I’m not even manic!

I am an Irish and US citizen, more an internationalist than any one nationality, I've spent my life traveling, both physically and astrally (some of my best gigs are on the planet Andar)

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Primary Instrument

Guitar, acoustic

Clinic/Workshop Information

Dr. Namaya is a homeopathic physician and family nurse practitioner. He has successfully treated thousands of patients for chronic emotional and physical conditions following classical homeopathic principles.  He consults with patients in his main Vermont clinic, as well as around the world via phone and Internet.

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