Neil C. Young

Neil C. Young

Instrument: Guitar | Location: Manchester

Taking the funk of John Scofield, Jim Hall’s harmonic world and the cool of George Benson, Neil C. Young is full of soul and energy and his arrangements are beautiful.
—Eric Elias, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

Updated: July 15, 2020

Born: December 31, 1973

Neil’s music is ‘harmonically sophisticated’ said Bill Milkowski (writer of the biography of Jaco Pastorius) and Keith Ames, of the Musicians Union adds that it is ‘Excellent feel good instrumental jazz’

Jazz Guitarist Neil C. Young is a gifted guitarist who is establishing his unique talent internationally through a raw combination of expression and technique.

Neil has performed both nationally and internationally, at festivals such as the Romerias de Mayo, Holguin, Cuba (2010), the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, Mexico (2006), the Manchester Jazz Festival (2011) and the 2008 London Bossanova Festival. This is alongside regular performances in the UK and as well as numerous gigs in both Europe and the United States.

Canadian American Records nominated Neil and the trio in 2011, 2012 and 2014 for Grammy awards in the initial ballot stage , for best improvised solo (Driving to Montenegro), best instrumental jazz album (El Camino) and jazz single of the year (Kow Poo Bin Goo) respectively. Also, the trio were nominated for the UK Jazz Services promoters choice award in 2008.

One of his original compositions, ‘Next’, featured on the WOA Records’ popular Goa Chillout Zone Volume 2 which reached the heights of number 2 in the Indian Album Charts in October 2009 and since then has had regular airplay on Indian commercial radio with singles from his last 2 albums which were released by Canadian American Records (US)

Along with this performance recognition, Neil has also received acclaim for his work through the International Songwriting Competition (2006) with two pieces being shortlisted in the instrumental category, ‘Time will sing’ and ‘That Darned’, this recognition has also been given through a honorable mention at the Canary Islands International Songwriting Competition

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' of Britain's best-kept jazz secrets.' Zeffirellis, Ambleside. 'Burgeoning international jazz star' Lancaster Jazz Festival ‘..brilliantly minded guitarist’ Carlos Juan (Carlos Juan Guitars, Ger.) ‘..a master..’ – Norman van den Wildenberg (, Ned.) ‘..touches your heart and sets your hair on fire..’ (Brent Black, Critical

'His El Camino is a hot ride'

Acclaimed UK jazz guitarist Neil C Young makes a bold statement in establishing his unique talent with the release of El Camino, he is quickly making a name in the U.S. Young’s big six-string sound weaves through a collection of delightful grooves and eclectic textures with the aid of bassist Alan Whitham and drummer Richard Young

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