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NEVER DIE! by \\livingfossil//

NEVER DIE! by \\livingfossil//

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Gordon Hyland

Label: Independent
Released: 2018
Duration: 01:01:44
Views: 65

Track Listing

01>macrophages, 02>\\livingfossil//, 03>NEVER DIE!, 04>Lorraine, 05>satellite, 06>baby steps, 07>Listen to the Quiet Voice, 08>meta max, 09>Lessforgettable


Gordon Hyland: Tenor Saxophone; Mack Longpre: Drums, Mike Murley: Tenor Saxophone; Andrew Roorda: Electric Bass, Torrie Seager: Electric Guitar; Vivienne Wilder: Acoustic Bass; Neil Whitford: Electric Guitar

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