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Niculin Janett

Born into a musical family in 1989, Niculin was exposed to the sounds of Miles Davis' trumpet before he even learned how to say “bebop”. At the age of 10, he picked up the saxophone and never looked back. Since graduating from the Zurich University of Arts in 2013, Niculin has been playing in Switzerland and Europe with various groups, most recently with his own Quartet feat

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‘No Parking Any Time’ is a very powerful statement by Niculin and his crew, with superb playing by everyone and a repertoire that keeps it interesting throughout. The originals are specially strong and the choice of standards is refreshing to hear. Greatly enjoyed listening to this one and I’m sure I won’t be the only one. - Miguel Zenón

This is quietly defiant acoustic jazz, sparklingly new, played through a sepia filter, effecting the best jazz noir in recent memory. - C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, 2017

A matured sense of cohesion and musicianship. - Matthew Aquiline, All About Jazz, 2017

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