Nikolaj Bugge Nikolaj Bugge

Nikolaj Bugge is a young, Danish guitarplayer, featured in bands like Røgsignal, I Just Came From The Moon and Yune.


”Beautifully thought out and conceived semi-fusionistic music, with a egregious melodical vibe..” - Niels Christensen, JazzSpecial (Biggest Danish jazz magazine). November 2016 about Røgsignals 'Pletter På Solen'

”In total, Røgsignal offers stylish and imaginative compositions, a tight and distinguished interplay, indeed, a sound that's just lovely to be in the company of.” 
- Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske (Major Danish newspaper). 5/6 starts. June 2016 about Røgsignals 'Pletter På Solen'

”The winning orchestra has a homogeneous and strong personal expression, where the unpredictable is possible, and where communication is paramount

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