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Nomadic Treasures

A European based collective of musicians who combine different styles and flavours from across the globe. From Western classical music and American Jazz to Jewish and traditional Northern African folk music.

“ Nomadic Treasures is a listening adventure, bearing much emotion in every song” Nathalie Freson for: UKvibe

The Italian bassist Daniele Cappucci, Catalan singer Nadia Basurto , drummer Joan Terol Amigó and Israeli pianist and composer Avi Darash - Nomadic Treasures - deliver you songs full of ritualistic rhythms and pure emotions. The four musicians have built up a reputation in their touring years for the jazz, world music and art circuit.

“Darash's playing is deeply inspired with a rich melodic and narrative feel. His touch is magic. This album, in the lines of contemporary jazz, is impressive for the abundance of content and melodic elegance...” Stefano Dentice for: RomainJazz

Nomadic Treasures have released their debut album “Nomadic Treasures” with A.MA Edizioni on April 2018 and are planned for a second release next winter, 2019. Each of their live performances is a melting pot of cultures, sounds and unexpected musical adventures.

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