Nona Hendryx Nona Hendryx

From her beginnings with Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles (the sweethearts of The Apollo Theater, inducted into The Rhythm & Blues Foundations' Hall of Fame in 1999) to Labelle (a trio made up of Patti LaBelle, Nona and Sarah Dash), the groundbreaking rock funk band of the 70s, and followed by a stunning solo career, Nona Hendryx has always been on the cutting edge of music.

Her songs are edgy, provocative, political and full of double entendres and empowering messages, which enabled the trio to break the traditional girl group mould. Labelle's stage show was the forerunner of today's epic productions, they were the only contemporary black group to take their 'Wear Something Silver' show to New York's prestigious Metropolitan Opera House and to major theatres and Opera Houses across the world. Labelle racked up three gold albums and a number 1 worldwide hit with, “Lady Marmalade (Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?).” The widely anticipated Labelle Reunion in 2009 featured songs by Nona, CD released on Verve Records.

Nona's solo efforts — from rock (Nona 1977) to funk (Female Trouble) to New Age (SkinDiver), with top ten hits including ”Bustin' Out,” “Keep It Confidential,” “Transformation,” “Why Should I Cry?,” “I Sweat (Goin' Thru the Motions)” and “Winds of Change.” Her fruitful collaborations with Material, Arthur Baker, Prince, Peter Gabriel, Dan Hartman and Talking Heads showcased her versatility. She again pushed the envelope with two songs written with David Byrne and her vocals on Bernie Worrell's new CD. The Wright/Hendryx team are working on a multi- media cyber musical based on Hendryx' Private Music CD, SkinDiver, written a song for the film “Mama I Want to Sing.” Hendryx received a Grammy nomination for “Rock This House”, featuring The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards on guitar.

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