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About Nothing But You Nothing But You is a San Francisco music project and artistic endeavor blending ambient coloring with a lounge flavor. It consists of Nicky, a vocal talent, and Phill, the producer, combining their efforts to create a beautiful sound collage of Rock, Soul, and Jazz. For more information, please visit their official website at

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”Nicky’s voice is one of elegant restraint and sensuousness. Hers is not an overpowering vocal presence, but rather, a very inviting one. She seduces deliciously with gentleness and whisper-to-the mic sultriness. Her diction, phrasing, dynamic nuance and intonation are exceptional.” - topmeganews “Meant To Be” CD review

“It’s hard to pick a favorite cover, as each has its place in the story told and they all show a slightly different side to their music.” Ellen W. - music editor at

“Nicky, with her enveloping and sensual voice, shows us her interpretation that without a doubt was chosen by some of the great artists.” Jeremiah Foster, TMN Magazine, Editor-in-Chief

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