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After their highly acclaimed 2nd album (Jazz Magazine) this 3rd opus performed by 7 Lyon and St Etienne based musicians is 14 tracks of pure funk groove. Novox continues is course and it’s unique blend of influences.

A warm double bass and the soft touch of the Fender Rhodes are combined with sharp horns, a raw electric guitar and the distinctive scratching from DJ Mat.


Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Double Bass, Turntables, Drums, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet


Novox – Over the Honeymoon THE SMOOTH JAZZ RIDE Apr. 13, 2014 Here is an interesting project from the French jazz group Novox that uses the black “B” movies of the 70s as its motivation, citing the superb and funky grooves of the soundtracksNovox from those movies. The album, Over the Honeymoon, definitely has some solid moving grooves that are reminiscent of that period, and it has a substantial amount of jazz influence to carry it along the way. Combined with scratching, double bass, and the distinct presence of the Fender Rhodes, Over the Honeymoon displays the soul of James Brown, the consciousness of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye, the depth of Isaac Hayes, and the heady jazz fusion of Herbie Hancock

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