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The NUEVO TANGO ENSAMBLE was born in 1999 starting from a deep admiration for music from Argentina. The trio has established its own identity well recognizable, into which the lesson of classical music, tango nuevo, an Italian melodic sensibility and a conception of authentic jazz performance. The music of the great composer Astor Piazzolla, who had grandparents from Puglia as the three musicians, was therefore assimilated and converted into a new synthesis between the classical music, tango nuevo and jazz that the three musicians have always loved, between the discipline of written and structured music the recognizable Italian character of their melodies and improvisation that makes their every concert a unique event.

Nuevo Tango Ensamble performed all over the world in prestigious Theaters, Festivals and Jazz Clubs like: Paesiello in Lecce, Abeliano in Bari, Giordano and Teatro del Fuoco in Foggia, Eliseo in Rome, Regio in Turin, Lauro Rossi in Macerata, Nymphenburg Castle in Munchen, Duc Des Lombardes in Paris, La Palma and Alexander Platz in Rome, Ferrara Jazz Club, Folk Club in Turin, Maison Musique in Rivoli Chorus in Lausanne, La Spirale in Friburg, Porgy & Bess in Vienna, Treibhaus in Innsbruk, BP Club in Zagreb, Panic Jazz Club in Marostica, Jazzhaus in Freiburg, Bird’s Eye in Basel, New Theatre in Guebwiller and many others, Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally in Dusseldorf, Warsaw Jazz Festival, Beat Onto Jazz in Bitonto , Tam Jazz in Pedaso, Bolzano Jazz & Other, Bucarest Music Festival, Fivizzano International Music World Festival, Senigallia Tango Festival, Macerata Jazz Festival, Groznjian Jazz Festival, Cracow Jazz Festival in Poland, Gipfel du Jazz in Freiburg, a tour of concerts in Gulf Jazz Festival in Dubai, Kuwait City and Manama in Bahrain, Emmas Festival, Villa Celimontana Music Festival in Rome, Musica sulle Bocche in Santa Teresa di Gallura, Akkordeon Music Festival in Wien, Ortaccio Jazz Festival, Bratislava Music, and many others.

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Patrick Dalmace (France) – JAZZHOT “[…] Tous trois sont les auteurs de huit des compositions (titres en italien pour la plupart car il est inutile de dissimuler ses origines). Les rythmes ne sont pas seulement le tango (« d’Impulso ») mais plus largement ceux d’Argentine. On trouve une magnifique milonga, « Milonga para la luna », pour laquelle le trio a invité le saxophoniste Javier Girotto, né à Cordoba mais venu en Italie au bout d’un quart de siècle d’existence (Passage par Berklee, participation en France à l’O.N.J….). On écoute aussi Girotto sur « Il Fiume in piena », sur un fond de chacarera tout comme « Angelica »

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Album D'impulso by Nuevo Tango Ensamble


Philology Jazz Records



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