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The duo of Perna and Quesada developed their musical paths in eerily similar parallel universes. Though Quesada grew up in the Texas border-town of Laredo, and Perna came up in Philadelphia (later New York), both musicians straddled borders literally and artistically. Growing up on hip hop and the jazz and funk it was built on; both taught themselves to play multiple instruments; both had founded game-changing, booty-shaking big bands; and both were deeply moved by a powerful spirit of social and political activism, the spirit that was to become Ocote. A chance biodiesel breakdown, which left Martin stranded in Austin, led to the two playing around with some song ideas together, hitting the studio and ultimately resulted in their 2005 debut El Nino Y El Sol, Four years and three albums down the line, they have evolved into a seven-piece live outfit and continue to draw inspiration from a number of unusual sources: Cuban children's rhymes about the boogyman providing the basis for 'El Diablo Y El 'au 'au,' while 'Prince of Peace' is all about “a messiah coming back to town looking like Sun Ra, with this giant raucous marching band strutting down the streets”…quite! Outside of music, Martin is dedicated to the pursuit of alchemy and utopian projects such as biodiesel fuels, community art projects, and superadobe architecture. One recent work is BLACKOUT!, a coloring book

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Album The Alchemist Manifesto by Ocote Soul Sounds

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Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

Album El Ni by Ocote Soul Sounds

El Ni

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