João Ricardo was born in Porto, Portugal. His musical path started at the age of 6 with piano studies. Years later he dedicated himself to the electric bass and guitar, as well as to the exploration of magnetic tape and software trackers. The passage through several rock/metal bands and some incursions in experimental music led to the present ocp (operador de cabine polivalente) project. In the advent of the new millenium, he dropped out of Law School and headed to London to study live audio. Back home, he created his own PA company, worked in a Casino as sound technician and did free lance audio engineering. Presently, he dedicates himself to performing live - both on his own and with fellow improvisers - and to composition/production/experimentation for multimedia; forms Pygar (an A/V duo) and participates in two other musical projects: Boiar and F.R.I.C.S. (an improvised fanfare). Throughout his career his work has been presented in Portugal, Holland, France, USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, India, Turkey, Brazil, UK, Italy and Romania. He's also a prolific figure in the international open source scene and currently manages the netlabel EdP - Editora do Porto.


Hardware --------- * M-Audio O2 * Behringer Xenyx 1002 * Fostex PM1 * AKAI MFC42 * AKAI G-Drive * dbx 266XL * Korg MS2000 * BOSS DD3 * TC Electronic Triple C * TC Electronic m300 * Clavia Micro Modular * Novation K-Station * Redsound Darkstar XP2 * Yamaha RX7 * Macbeth M3X * Analogue Solutions Red Square * TLAudio Fat 1 * Apple PowerBook G4 * Apple MacBook Pro 2.0 * IBM Pentium III 1 Ghz * Danelectro Spring King * SHURE SM57 * Sony MZ-R70 * Sony ECM-MS907 * Pioneer PDR-509 * Yamaha KX-393 * GameBoy * GameBoy Pocket * GameBoy Color * GameBoy Advanced * Atari 2600 * ZX Spectrum 48k * iMic * Emagic EMI 2|6 * Edirol UM2 * Motu 128 Express * Line 6 POD 2.0 * Furman AR-2330 Software --------- * Reaktor 5 * Live 7 * Numerology 1.4.3 * Cubase SL 1 * Logic Audio 6.3.1 * Pluggo 3.5.2 * Plogue Bidule * Recycle 2.2.9 * Reason Adapted * Amadeus Pro * PD 0.42.5 * fLOW 3.2 * Nanoloop * LSDJ * Synthcart * TimeToy Pro 2.0 * TimeToy 3xtreme * Amplitube 3 * GarageBand * SoundHack * Cecilia * SonicBirth * etc.



drone to the bone / A variar

Editora do Porto's curator João Ricardo (aka ocp) has two new releases out. The first is a long drone piece, Drone to the Bone (Editora do Porto), and the second is 30-minute 13- track experimental work, A variar (MiMi). Drone to the Bone exemplifies for me the difference between Space Music and Drones: though drones may be a bit spacey, it is in the nature of the drones that the composition is tethered to a single idea; Space Music not so much. Meanwhile A variar seems to come from a completely opposite direction than ocp’s drone piece ��” noodling

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