Of the Musical

Of the Musical

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Joan Torres

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2016
Duration: 00:50:16
Views: 450

Track Listing

Invaded; Demiurge; Explore; Ultramarine; Constant Stream; Stream of Melancholy; Look Around; Unleashed.


Joan Torres: Compositions, Bass; Jonathan Suazo: Alto Sax; Sergio González: Guitar; Gabriel Vicéns: Guitar; Emanuel Rivera: Piano; Fernando Garciá: Drums.

Album Description

Album notes: The intricacy and emotion of Latin and Modern Jazz is captivating! There's something about it that really gets your attention and doesn't let go. This group of musicians really share a common goal, and keep on searching for those magical moments that bring musicians and audiences alike into a unique and special language. Like the greats of this idiom, this ensemble is breaking new ground, expressing new ways to communicate their style. At the helm of this venture is Joan Torres, an extremely talented bassist, with vast knowledge of many styles under his belt, blending his expertise into the essence of who he is: a unique individual who knows his roots and goals. This album celebrates the future of our new generation of urban, multi-talented musicians whose conversation is clear and to the point, while getting a fresh dose of a united sound. Julius Meléndez

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