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Oleg Pissarenko is a distinguished and original Estonian guitarist and composer who is known both as a creator of jazz-minimalism and philosophical jazz as well as a charismatic stage performer. As a visionary organiser, he has led the establishment of Tartu Jazz Club, Tartu Jazz and Rhythm Music Festival IDeeJazz and jazz music education in Tartu. Oleg Pissarenko was born on July 8, 1978, in the Estonian town of Narva. He is an Estonian guitarist, band leader, jazz and rhythm music culture activist and pedagogue. Pissarenko makes original music that has been called jazzminimalism or music in its simple and natural form as well as hypnagogic minimalism and post-rock jazz. He has published 7 albums as an author and collaborated with many other renowned artists. Pissarenko has performed on stages and festivals of jazz in Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. Oleg Pissarenko: “I like the term jazz minimalism, as jazz and minimalism are antipodes. While jazz highlights improvisation, virtuosity and cleverness, minimalism only focuses on the crucially necessary. Our ensemble comes from the tradition of jazz, but we play positive minimalism.”



“Oleg Pissarenko Band in Kumu was certainly one of the biggest wow experiences of the festival (Jazzkaar 2012): Pissarenko’s composing clearly stands out from everything else being done today in the Estonian music scene. The concert felt like a meeting with something large and unknown that does not oppress you but frees you instead.” - Ivo Heinloo, Sirp, 04.04.2012

“Whenever possible, he plays the acoustic guitar, and “minimalistic” and “minimal” seem to be his favourite musical terms.” That list of adjectives could well go on with “natural” and “human”… That music has influence over people

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