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Origin Suite

Origin Suite

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Michael Waldrop

Label: Origin Records
Released: 2018
Views: 105

Track Listing

THE ORIGIN SUITE Jack Cooper / M. Waldrop (arr. Cooper) 1 LA JUNGLA 3:52 2 NATIVITÉ 3:21 3 AL FINAL DE LA NOCHE 3:39 4 THROUGH THE MIST 5:10 M. Waldrop 5 SHEATH AND SWORD 5:55 Jack Cooper 6 IVANA 5:41 M. Waldrop (arr. Cooper) 7 MOUZON 6:58 Jimi Tunnell 8 DOO DAT TANG 5:45 M. Waldrop (arr. Stockton) 9 BELGRADE 7:19 M. Waldrop (arr. Cooper) 10 VASCONCELOS 5:54 M. Waldrop 11 DOPPLER EFFECT 6:13 Gerald Stockton 12 STILL LIFE 7:05 M. Waldrop


Personnel: Michael Waldrop Big Band (1,2,3,5,6,12) Michael Waldrop- drums, vibraphone Marc Secara - vocals SAXOPHONES: Will Campbell -alto, soprano Tim Ishii- alto Mario Cruz- tenor Chris McGuire- tenor Paul Baker- bari TROMBONES: Anthony Williams Tony Baker Greg Waits John Wasson TRUMPETS: Keith Jourdan David Spencer Larry Spencer Mike Steinel Travis Ranney - soprano and alto saxophones (9,11) Richard Cole - tenor and baritone saxophones (9,11) Dan Marcus - trombones (9) Brad Allison - trumpets (9) Larry Panella - flutes (10) Noel Johnstone - guitar (5,6,12) Jimi Tunnell - guitar (1-3) Jeff Plant - electric bass (1-3) Lynn Seaton - acoustic bass (5,6,12) Scott Steed - bass (9,10) Steve Snyder - piano and organ (1,2,3,5,6,12) Jose Rossy- percussion Scott Kinsey - keyboards (7) Wayne Peet - piano (12) John Hansen - piano (4,9,10) Brad Dutz - percussion (4,9,10,12) MICHAEL WALDROP BIG BAND (1,2,3,5,6,8) VOCALS: Marc Secara (1-3,5), Jimi Tunnell (1-3) SAXOPHONES: Will Campbell, Tim Ishii, Mario Cruz, Chris McGuire, Paul Baker TROMBONES: Anthony Williams, Tony Baker, Greg Waits, John Wasson TRUMPETS: Keith Jourdan, David Spencer, Larry Spencer, Mike Steinel PIANO / ORGAN: Steve Snyder GUITAR: Jimi Tunnell (1-3), Noel Johnstone (5,6,8) BASS: Jeff Plant (elec. 1-3), Lynn Seaton (acou. 5,6,8) DRUMS / VIBRAPHONE: Michael Waldrop PERCUSSION: Jose Rossy

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