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The May Fall Crew

Label: ReFeel Records
Released: 2019
Duration: 00:40:19
Views: 43

Track Listing

1. Mental Maze 2. Old Memories 3. Mood Swinger 4. Deflection 5. Spaceport 6. Indifferent 7. Express Train 8. Alma Oscura 9. Time Expander 10. Recharge 11. Overload 12. Oblivious to the Obvious


May Fall - piano, keyboards and vocals; Itay Tsarfati - bass; Niv Majar - drums

Album Description

May Fall, on piano, keyboards, and occasionally vocals, is collaborating with drummer Niv Majar and bassist Itai Tzarfati, a combination forming a highly enjoyable display of superb musicianship, The May Fall Crew. This endeavor results in the highly diverse album “Overload” (out on July 10th, 2019) bouncing from rich contemporary jazz compositions (“Mental Maze”, “Spaceport”), through atmospheric musical journeys to exotic corners of the world (“Alma Oscura”, ”Old Memories”, “Recharge”) and energetic multilayered jazz- fusion tracks (“Overload”, “Time Expander”), to memorable jazz-pop anthems that manage to crossover to mainstream while incorporating thought invoking lyrics (“Mood-Swinger”, “Indifferent”, “Oblivious to the Obvious”).

Album uploaded by Frank Scott

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