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Parc X Trio

Parc X trio is a Montreal-based contemporary jazz trio featuring Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier (piano and compositions), Alex Lefaivre (bass and compositions) and Alain Bourgeois (drums). To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Parc X trio will release its 7th recording, Dream, in April 2017. Pursuing the electric trio format, the group’s latest musical explorations showcase their typical original blend of pop song structures, contemporary jazz harmonies, staggering dynamics and break-beat grooves over odd time signatures. As complex as the music might seem on paper, the trio navigates through the material effortlessly with grace and power. New to the table is the group’s foray into studio production. A subtle and tasteful approach to electronic music production spices up the album sonically over the 8 original compositions from all 3 members. One of the album’s highlights is a reworking of Tchaikovsky’s theme from Swan Lake where Parc X trio sonic imprint takes the original classic into the XXIst century.

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”A first class trio emerging from our local scene.” —Andre Vigeant, Radio-Canada/CBC

”Comprised of original compositions that encompass pop music's melodicism, bebop's virtuosity and well as classical music's elegance, their first album is a strong statement indeed.” —Stanley Pean, VOIR