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Tim and Tito Pascoal Band

Tim And Tito Pascoal band

This project consists of father and son with two CD projects Walk the Walk and The Sun Stood Still, with the participation of international names in the Jazz world, including saxophonist Bob Mintzer also known for his work with the Yellowjackets, pianist Russell Ferrante also a founding member of the Yellowjackets, bassist Tom Kennedy, Richard Bona, Evan Marien, Dave Weckl among others.

Tito Pascoal was born in Cascais, Portugal. His father took him under his wing introducing Tito to a rich musical environment allowing him to grow musically. What is special about Tito is how he became fluent in numerous styles at an early age. Tito started public performances at the young age of seven to play Black Gospel Music in his home church. The first recorded CD “Walk the Walk”, was released when Tito was twelve years old. Tito has experience as a live performer and studio musician and maintains a steady schedule both in the U.S. and abroad. The newest CD project The Sun Stood Still, was released in July 2011 and the beginning of a new project called The Tim And Tito Pascoal band again accompanied by world-renowned musicians such as Richard Bona, Evan Marien, Russell Ferrante, Tom Kennedy, among others. Tito is currently endorsed by Yamaha, VicFirth, Zildjian Evans and Cymbag.

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”O.k., I opened the CD case, plopped in the CD and proceeded to listen with measured interest to some really exquisitely diverse jazz. I didn’t bother to read the bio or liner notes on this one first, as I normally do. I was just going to groove on some new music and get down to the review later. Then, I noticed something very interesting about the drumming. This cat was handling all types of timing patterns with incredible ease. I chalked it up to years of experience. Then, I decided to read the bio and liner notes. That’s when I discovered that I had been listening to a 12-year-old! Thus is the case with Tito Pascoal-a 12- year-old Portuguese young man with a really powerful passion for jazz, and, boy, does it ever show.” -Ronald Jackson-Jazz Review




Alphonse Mouzon Alphonse Mouzon
B.D. Lenz B.D. Lenz
Bob Mintzer Bob Mintzer
Dave Weckl Dave Weckl
Eric Bolvin Eric Bolvin
Eric Essix Eric Essix
Ken Navarro Ken Navarro
George Barron

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