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Patrick O'Reilly Patrick O'Reilly

Pat O’Reilly is a musician, composer, and dabbler. After missing a beat on a simple cowbell part during a performance at Carnegie Hall, he decided to take a extended hiatus from music. Pat cut his teeth playing drums in Long Island punk bands in the ’00s. After that, he floated around NYC playing dub music with Pedro Parker, keyboard with the rockabilly band Boogie Brains and the occasional orchestral percussion gig with the New York Chamber Players and the West Chester Chamber Symphony. He has performed in happenings with the group Çatal Hüyük (Near East Family) and improvised alongside MIDI operated robotic instruments with the Icelandic composer / guitarist Hallvardur Asgeirsson Herzog. He was also a member of the WAL Bagpipe Band and performed with NYC Balinese Gamelan group Dharma Swara. In 2012 he was a participant in the International Festival for Contemporary Performance Practice at Mannes College, where he performed music by Luciano Berio, Elliott Carter, and Milton Babbitt.


Despite its title, there is nothing inebriated about Pat O’Reilly’s Three Sheets to the Wind EP. Instead, it falls into that winning category of short bursts of energy – an album that says its piece with authority then steps aside.

-Avant Music News (2019)

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