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Patrina Morris

I have always been a guitar and voice kind of girl, however my musical journey has taken me into all aspects of music and in doing so , I have evolved into what I am today....... I was brought up in Southgate, North London and born to Anglo- Indian Parents, so I have been lucky enough to know two cultures and the most amazing food! As a teenager I was was spotted by a model agent while working in a restaurant to pay for Art School

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“Every once in awhile a music artist emerges from time’s benevolence to remind us of the elemental life treasures we take for granted. Water to cleanse and replenish. Oxygen to revitalize. And the fragile harmony that lives within each of us, begging to restore internal balance but constantly challenged by fears and chaos.” Roy Greer - pamper her friday

Patrina Morris: The heady rise of a Romantic. Listening to the heady melodic aura of Patrina Morris is like succumbing oneself to a double scooping of caramel velvet cake, except without the calories. It was perhaps a random listening to her pop samba rhythms that had me beguiled and searching within myself for my own sense of loss, heartbreak, contemplation and bitter sweet feelings

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