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Paul Motian: Paul Motian (Old & New Masters Edition)

Paul Motian: Paul Motian (Old & New Masters Edition)

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Paul Motian

Label: ECM Records
Released: 2013
Views: 1,860

Track Listing

CD1 (Conception Vessel): Georgian Bay; Ch'i Energy; Rebica; Conception Vessel; American Indian: Song of Sitting Bull; Inspiration From a Vietnamese Lullaby. CD2 (Tribute): Victoria; Tuesday Ends Saturday; War Orphans; Sod House; Song for Ché. CD3 (Dance): Waltz Song; Dance; Kalypso; Asia; Prelude; Lullaby. CD4 (Le Voyage): Folk Song for Rose; Abacus; Cabala; Drum Music; The Sunflower; Le Voyage. CD5 (Psalm): Psalm; White Magic; Boomerang; Fantasm; Mandeville; Second Hand; Etude; Yahllah. CD6 (It Should've Happened a Long Time Ago): It Should've Happened a Long Time Ago; Fiasco; Conception Vessel; Introduction; India; In the Year of the Dragon; Two Women from Padua.


Paul Motian: percussion (CD1-4, CD6), drums (CD3-6); Keith Jarrett: piano (CD1#4), flute (CD1#5); Sam Brown: guitar (CD1#1, CD1#3), acoustic guitar (CD2), electric guitar (CD2); Leroy Jenkins: violin (CD1#5); Becky Friend: flute (CD1#5); Charlie Haden: double bass (CD1#1, CD1#3, CD1#5, CD2); Carlos Ward: alto saxophone (CD2); Paul Metzke: guitar (CD2); Charles Brackeen: soprano and tenor saxophones (CD3-4); David Izenzon: double bass (CD3); J.F> Jenny-Clark: double bass (CD4); Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone (CD5-6); Billy Drewes: alto saxophone (CD5); Bill Frisell: guitar (CD5-6), guitar synthesizer (CD6); Ed Schuller: bass (CD5).

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