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Paul Cutlan

Paul’s uniquely expressive voice as a multi-instrumentalist and composer is informed by many styles, including contemporary classical music, world music and jazz. He graduated from the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music in 1987 with Honours in Composition. Orchestral performance experience includes the Tasmanian and Sydney Symphony Orchestras and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

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The band’s leader, the saxophonist Paul Cutlan, is a more-than-competent composer, but an outstanding selector of other people’s songs, generally choosing works from outside the standard repertoire which deserve to be aired at least as much as many more hackneyed numbers. …This piece also showed just how sophisticated, inventive and melodic the leader could be…”

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, August 12, 1996

Active Ingredients Strawberry Hills Hotel

…he unleashed some gloriously low, dirty, growling tenor; clearly the mark of a man at home improvising over strange time signatures and stranger stringed instruments.

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, April 4 1997

Mara! Strawberry Hills Hotel

…This was played by Cutlan on tenor with a guileless tenderness added to the warmth he exhibited elsewhere.

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, July 28 1998

Paul Cutlan’s Coltrane Project, Harbourside Brasserie

“soprano saxophone…played by Paul Cutlan, who attains one of the most softly burnished sounds on it you will hear.: “This time on tenor, he swooped through the range of the horn, the low notes pulsing with a warm vibrato and the high ones wailing with echoes of both despair and hilarity.”

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 May

Side On Cafe

“Paul Cutlan’s typically stunning melodic invention on bass clarinet ran from shrill trills to evil growls…” “Cutlan’s soprano interludes a frenzy of colour and light”

John Shand, Sydney morning Herald, Feb 22, 2001 Harbourside Brasserie

“Cutlan’s soprano sax is a dervish frenzy of melody on Llew’s thrilling Eyes Like Berries

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