Paul MacKey Paul MacKey


Host of “Jazz at the Twelve” at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, Paul MacKey is known as “The Singer's Singer”

THE EARLY YEARS Born into humble surroundings, Paul was given a pair of drum sticks and a drum pad at age 7 so he could begin his musical training, which happened to be all his family could afford at the time. That turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. Having a base in rhythmic patterns made it all the easier when the melody was added. Paul will always be grateful to his uncle, Harley Moore, who played drums in the same band for 50 years. Uncle Harley had the most exquisite pearl inlay accordion which he sold so that Paul could be the first in his family to attend college.

THE COLLEGE YEARS Paul began college life as a percussionist, but when the orchestra and the choir went on tour, and he saw the choir having fun and he was “schlepping” tympanis, that’s when the decision was made to be a singer. During Paul’s college years he was fortunate to train with Marcel Marceau, Pilobolus Dance Company and Tandy Beal and Company. The dance training and Paul’s natural ability as a singer opened a pathway to the theatre. A stint in summer stock launched Paul’s move to Los Angeles and a world class career in the arts.

THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS Paul saw an ad in the newspaper seeking employees for the music department at Paramount Pictures, and thought, “well, I was a music major in college, so I guess I should apply.” To Paul’s amazement he got the job and on his first day was told that he was now responsible for the music for all network television programming, which at the time included Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Cheers, Taxi, Family Ties and many more. As the only classically trained musician in the music department he was loaned out to the feature film department to work on a small musical film. What a surprise to come into the office on Monday morning and see an Academy Award sitting on the desk for Best Song for the movie Flashdance. Paul later went on to oversee music operations for the dick clark company (American Bandstand), Carolco Pictures (most notably the Rambo films), and Hemdale Film Corporation (two time winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, Platoon and Last Emperor).

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