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Peggy Richie and the Rock

Peggy Richie was born in 1974 as the youngest of a very talented family. It didn't take long before she started singing in church with the local child chorus Peggy played in many musicals until she discovered the stage. She was 15 when she became front lady of Uncle Bob. She took singing classes with Carolien Goudswaard and Louis de Vries. Soon she started writing her own songs. From 1993 till 1996 she was working with composer/pianist Jan Meiborg. She performed with him on stage as well as in the studio. On her 21° Peggy traveled to the other side of the world. During a year and a half she was the singing barmaid at Café Amsterdam in Auckland (New-Zeeland). In 1998 she came back to Belgium where she worked as freelance singer in different bands and with different artists. She began her presentation work and followed diction with Cristel Lacroix. In 2001 she played the main part in the musical Hyperboria at the de Gentse Feesten. Today Peggy's voice can be heard as voice-over on radio and TV. She presents many events as host, but her main passion is still music, solo, as pianist with a band and now also with a real gospel chorus: The Rock


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