Pelle Fridell Pelle Fridell

A native swede residenting in Copenhagen since 1993. In Denmark he has become a high demanded reed player, both as a soloist and a session musician. He has collaborated in concerts and performances with composers, artists and groups such as: Toots Thielemans, Randy Brecker, Sir Charlie Watts, Tom Waits, Ivan Lins, Angelique Kidjo, Georgie Fame, DR Big Band, Geir Lysne, Chris Potter, Michael Mantler a.o.

Pelle's main instruments are the tenor- and soprano- saxophone, and the flute, but he also plays the alto- and baritone- sax, the clarinet, alto and piccolo flutes and the bass clarinet.

He has released 4 CD’s in his own name, and appear on about a hundred as member/ sideman/ session musician.


”also testifies that Pelle Fridell and his fellow musicians play music because they have something on their minds. And both the bandleader, Henrik Gunde on piano, Thommy Andersson on bass and not least Morten Lund on drums have a format that for a short while lets us forget that we actually live at a time when the amateurs get the most media attention.”

“Pelle Fridell calls in the press release that came with the CD for dialogue about the music. I can only say: Dear Pelle, thank you for an excellent release. I hope it sells jazz gold!”

“Maybe that's why I've been enjoying myself so much with the record since it landed in the player

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Album Soul Go Jaz by Pelle Fridell

Soul Go Jaz

Pelle Produktion

For The Ladies

For The Ladies

Pelle Fridell
Soul Go Jaz


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