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___________________________________ PERICOPES is a jazz duo project that began in Italy in 2007 by pianist Alessandro Sgobbio and saxophonist Emiliano Vernizzi.

One would best describe their style as ‘New Jazz’, with roots in the European tradition, Afro-American music, and improvisation, and an affinity for melody and compositional structure.

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”Great record. Wonderful music with a very diverse repertoire, played flawlessly. You can hear the spirit and mutual respect the three musicians have for each other and the music. These guys have a history to be sure .” (Dave Liebman) /// “There is the search but also heart. There is rage and love. There is the howl but also the song. These three excellent musicians tell us about their being human. Thank you! “ (Enrico Rava) /// “Pericopes + 1 enters the American market with These Human Beings with the “+1″ representing the addition of New York based drummer Nick Wight

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