Peter Knudsen

Peter Knudsen (1980-) started playing the piano and also began writing his own music at the age of 10, and discovered jazz and 20th century music as a teenager. At the age 20, he was awarded Ingvar Johansson's scholarship for young jazz musicians.

He studied at the Music Acamedy in Gothenburg during 2001-2006 for Anders Persson, Anders Jormin among others. Under this period, he formed his own trio as well as the quintet blåeld. The group released its debut album Aurora in 2006 (Footprint Records), featuring original compositions crossing the boundaries of jazz, pop and 20th century music. He also toured with the Zappa tribute band “Great Googly Moogly” in Swedish jazz clubs and festivals, as well as the German festival Zappanale.

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”Possessed of a solid technique, the Swedish pianist seems to sit solidly in the tradition of someone like Bobo Stenson, although he may be a little more upbeat than Stenson. (...) What’s truly nice about this disc is that the trio truly uses the motivic material from the classical source material as the basis for improvisation, rather than stating the themes and then going off in a different direction.”

”Peter Knudsen Trio plays astounding, and the sound quality is a pure pleasure. (...) entire themes are transferred to a jazz trio format, and one must say 'hats off' for doing it in such a talented way, with such musical and technical capacity.” -Politiken (Denmark)

”Music of rare lyrical quality (...) this outstanding CD is to be enjoyed by both the classical listener as well as the jazz lover!”
Nordische Musik (Germany)

”For those who like these classics, Bill Evans, and why not Keith Jarrett, there is much to enjoy here.” -Jazzrytmit (Finland)

”Exciting and challenging playing that brings out a new dimension in the music, yet preserving all the beauty of the originals at the same time” Upsala Nya Tidning (Sweden)

”Together they have created a piece of art.” -Lira (Swedish music magazine)
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Willing to teach

Advanced students only.


Teaches jazz piano and ensemble playing at university level (Music Academy of Örebro)

Clinic/Workshop Information

- Ensemble exercises in Polymeters, Polyrhythm - Ensemble playing and improvising across the genre boundaries - Piano trio/small ensemble clinics with focus on interplay, switching roles etc.



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