Petite Feet Petite Feet

Travis Bliss is a Brooklyn based saxophonist, improvisor, and composer from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. As an avid historian of 1920’s jazz, Travis has developed a unique saxophone style, re-purposing the wide vibrato, rhythmic sensibility and timbral nuances of the 20’s, re-contextualized for 21st century musical situations. Travis has performed with Anthony Coleman, Ted Reichman, Joe Morris and has performed at venues such as Spectrum, Sculler’s Jazz Club, The Stone NYC, The Nash AZ. Travis graduated with a Masters in Jazz Performance from New England Conservatory in May 2017.

Shane Simpson is a pianist, composer, and music teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Originating from the North Shore of Chicago, Shane has performed in cities throughout the US, and he appeared at the Panama Jazz Festival in 2017. His mentors include some of the best pianists and improvisers in the world including Fred Hersch, Anthony Coleman, Bruce Brubaker, and Ran Blake who premiered Shane's original composition Bright at the Kitano with vocalist Sara Serpa in 2016.

Jonathan Starks is a drummer and electronic music producer hailing from the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently in his final year of graduate study in Jazz Performance at New England Conservatory and has worked closely with renowned drummers Billy Hart, Rakalam Bob Moses, Jerry Leake as well as composers Ted Reichman, Davide Ianni, and Anthony Coleman

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