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THE NEW LORD OF THE STRING - Los Angeles Time Philippe Bertaud is referred by Los Angeles Times as “the New Lord of the Strings” gifted by “a percussive brand of guitarist wizardry” according to Jazziz Magazine.

Philippe Bertaud's multi-faceted career is a testament to his continual search for new ways to achieve artistic growth and renewal. Carried on by his versatility Philippe always evolves his expression according to his artistic aims and eclectic tastes, which directs him toward international development as an outstanding guitar performer, talented composer, and recognized master guitar teacher. First renowned for his dazzling guitar technique and powerful interpretation as a classical guitar player, Philippe then needed to create his own music and also share his passion and experience through teaching. He is now able to focus his career more fully on these goals.

In his shows in Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada or in Europe, Philippe Bertaud brings his audience a touch of French refinement topped with warm Latin character. Each concert is a delightful cultural journey where everyone enjoys the superior quality of his playing, unique expressions and captivating speech. From Handel to Leo Brouwer, from Asia to Latin America, Philippe strives to find connections that stimulate the imagination. He composes music using new technologies as well as remaining true to his acoustic origins. At Philippe’s request, B-Band built a stereo pickup system which increases the richness of his Kenny Hill guitar. Philippe’s music is further enhanced through the use of an Aphex “Acoustic Exciter”, which helps give the deep and colorful live sound that matches his playing.

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