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Phil Schurger

The music Phil Schurger presents on “Echoes of the Ancestors” is the expression of a dynamic journey through ten years of meditative and musical process. He has honed his skills as a composer in order to effortlessly act as a conduit of force and form, oscillating sounds up from the Emptiness of mind. Through meditation, he awakens the sensitivity of intuition, and navigates the tides of consciousness, catching compositions as they arise in the currents of thought. It is a conscious-intuitive act of retrieving sounds and images of nature and culture, and uniquely sculpting them through an inner-alchemical process

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”Phil Schurger's wide-ranging compositions and colorfully intense guitar playing are a rare treat: a cinematic meditation- blending both rock and jazz with a sense of both drama and the mystical.” - Chicago Artist Revue


Echoes of the Ancestors

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