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Ten years after having started saxophone in his native Britanny, Pierrick Pédron discovered the world of jazz at the age of 16. 2 years later he entered CIM and got involved in many Funk, Rhythm’n Blues projects. His first records were for Sinclair and jazzman Magik Malik in 1994 and 1995.

Prize-winner of the Défense contest in 1996 with the “Artaud / Blanchet” formation, he continued his experiences within the “Nuits Blanches” gigs at the Petit Opportun concert hall with Lionel Belmondo (Belmondo brothers) and François Théberge, gigs with Alain Jean Marie and an album of Ernie Hammes which took him to New York. In 2000 he came back to France and his first album “Cherokee”.

He has now released a brand new and exciting album.

It was recorded at the Systems Two studios in Brooklyn in November 2005 with Mulgrew Miller on piano, Lewis Nash on drums and Thomas Bramerie on double bass.

This quartet made of French musicians and American stars leads us to think about how do jazz musicians know they’re dealing with one of their own when faced with a colleague they’ve never heard before? Pierrick Pedron had lots of time to ponder those questions when he was preparing this record in Paris before he actually made the record in New York. For one thing, he knew that you don’t just breeze into the capital of modern jazz to record with musicians of the calibre of Mulgrew Miller and Lewis Nash without running a risk: the risk of finding yourself eclipsed on your own album by people with more talents.

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