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Planet Loop

With just two musicians creating a full-band mix of drum set and 7-string guitar/bass, PLANET LOOP is a unique trip not to be missed. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, the duo forges its unique brand of new-world jazz, combining improvisation with the deep rhythms of swing, worldbeat, Latin, funk, and soul music. Frequently a third performer ranging from sax to violin to trumpet shares the stage as well as part of the rotating “PLANET LOOP TRIO.”

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”Planet Loop weaves an experimental sensibility and indie rock ethos into extremely listenable groove compositions sprouting from jazz, funk and world roots. Visit Planet Loop and you'll want to live there.” —Malcom Miles, KZUM, Lincoln, NE

“…A new sound out of Boston—some of the most striking, engaging music I’ve heard in a long time. Think Fela Kuti meets Squarepusher and Michael Manring on a dark planet. Go hear this band!” —

“Planet loop takes the improvisational, live elements of jazz music, the atmospherics of electronic music, rhythms from around the planet, and fuses them together in a show that’s at once rootsy, spacey and very now.” —Monterey County Weekly, Monterey, CA

”Like a more intimate, stripped down version of Tortoise, Planet Loop propels forward with warm, bubbly bass and drums and whatever else wants to come along for the ride.” —Justin Groteleschen, WZBC, Boston, MA

“A magic mixture of grooves makes this drum and bass duo unique

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