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Prawit Siriwat

Brooklyn based guitarist and composer, Prawit “Wit” Siriwat, is endlessly dedicated to creating soundscapes that reflect the emotional momentum of our times. Whether it's through the simple yet natural beauty of acoustic strings or the bloopy-bloop filled electro-sonic worlds, Wit has a meditative approach to creating his musical pallet.

Siriwat’s new compositions and songs can be heard live at venues throughout New York as he leads groups of incredible musicians that help him to actualize his progressive jazz-rock creations.

The guitarist/composer is currently working on a duo record with his long-time musical partner, bassist and composer, Daniel Durst. The album will reflect their musical collaboration over many years of playing together through completely improvised explorations based on their collective experience of music making.

Wit’s unique approach to guitar has given him the opportunity to work with many songwriters and bands. He is currently a sideman for singer/songwriter Bianca Muniz and guitarist in the indie-alternative band, RVBY MY DEAR. His guitar playing and textural contributions can also be heard on Emanu’s debut indie/rock/soul EP, Sing Me a Song.

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B.A. in Jazz Studies from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music Participant in the Banff International Jazz Program Quotes Guitar Lessons: $75 for 1 hour $45 for 1/2 hour Composition Lessons: Please contact for a quote and more information Topics Basic Guitar Technique Building hand strength and independence Reading music Fret-board knowledge Basic chords Picking Finger picking Left hand workouts Improvisation Building an understanding of basic scales to improvise and write music in a popular style (rock, hip hop, r&B, etc.) An exploration of chords, scales, and methods for advanced harmonic improvisation, connecting lines and ideas Concepts for free improvisation Music Theory Basic understanding of how music works, melodically, harmonically, and rhythmically Scale construction: diatonic, non-diatonic, and synthetic Chord construction: Diatonic, non-diatonic/chromatic Song analysis Composition Beginner composers will gain an understanding for the mechanics of basic music theory applied to composition form Study of notable compositions Developing the students personal taste and style

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