Quantum Trio

Quantum Trio

Instrument: Band/orchestra

Quantum trio has magically created a sound that takes the best qualities from: classical music, jazz, avant- garde, and the singable melodies of pop, to form their own unique style...
—Nolan DeBuke, The Jazz Word

Updated: May 24, 2019

Active since: June 24, 2012

Polish-Chilean trio founded in 2012 in Rotterdam. The name is not accidental, clearly resonating in the group’s compositions. Component, inseparable and equivalent elements: Michał Jan Ciesielski (saxophones), Kamil Zawiślak (piano), Luis Mora Matus (drums). The Quantum Trio was born out of friendship, youthful dreams and musical explorations.

Its members met at the conservatory of Codarts Rotterdam – University for the Arts – a university where music from different parts of the world and different cultures meet. This includes the diversity and openness, as well as great lecturers, that attract students from various parts of the world. The three musicians began to meet and improvise to form a band in 2012.

Despite the distance operation – between Rotterdam and Gdansk, the team withstood the test of time and has been playing in an unchanged composition for years. It was and is possible not only thanks to the determination of the musicians, but above all, friendship, which from the beginning was the foundation of the group. It is it’s constant pretext to meet and spend time together creatively.

Quantum Trio is also different in terms of the instrumental composition from other bands. The jazz trio without bass is still a rare phenomenon. It is also a kind of challenge when it comes to the roles of individual musicians as well as the form of created compositions.

And the name? It refers to the theory of quantum mechanics and is associated with both musical and non- musical fascinations of the band members. Quantum mechanics is a quite fresh and constantly evolving field of science, which is why it is so inspiring. It is also a field whose principle is uncertainty and the fact that it can not be fully described, at least the language of science that we know today.

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”Red Fog is more electrifying evidence of the Quantum Trio's bottomless imagination about its possibilities” Geno Thackara, All About Jazz

“Most importantly, for all its trickery, Duality remains as appealing as it is brainy. Those who don’t want to pick apart the compositional quirks can simply enjoy the sound of three imaginative players refusing to stay static. The leap they take here is an ambitious success, playfully reflecting a range of intriguing possibilities, then collapsing them into something both challenging and fun.” Geno Thackara, All About Jazz

“Although the music is beautifully executed, it is the superb compositions that turn this album into a first class musical experience

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