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Quentin Moore is “The Last Mohican” of southern-style soul. In an era where Black music is dominated by electronic samples and rappers, this avant-garde musician breaks the mold with live instruments, particularly the vintage sound of the Fender Rhodes, which conjures memories of Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway. Lyrically, Quentin Moore embraces everyday topics like romantic complexities and brings a feel-good vibe to his audience though each song. He displays his creativity through his return-to-innocence yearnings in “Vintage Love” or his swagger in the sexually-charged tune, “Gimme Some Sugar”.

Born and raised in the Austin, Texas, dubbed the live music capitol of the world, Quentin developed an ear for soul in the church. Within the walls of St. Stephens Baptist Church, he cultivated a passion for drums and electric organ that yielded early success on the drum line in middle and high school. As his musical taste matured, his influences included R. Kelly and The Isley Brothers. As a student and athlete at the University of North Texas, he was inspired by jazz by artists such as Jimmy Smith, Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, and Roy Hargrove. He polished his skills and added the electric guitar and bass to his repertoire, and also formed his original/cover band called Soulbol. With a plethora of instruments under his belt, he continues to reinvent himself with a style that is often compared to artists ranging from Curtis Mayfield to Jamie Foxx to Marvin Gaye but remains all his own.

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”Quentin Moore is a diverse artist with a powerful voice full of R&B & Soul. With an undeniable presence, he puts on a soul-cleansing show that makes you want more, he has seductive lyrics and charisma to match. Not to be missed!” --Lori Stevensen, Austin Daze

”...There's something about his old-school sensibilities that's appealing in the age of electro beats and Auto Tune.” --Hunter Hauk, QuickDFW.com

“Quentin Moore is the pulse of Southern Soul and R and B. With his smooth vocals and heartfelt guitar playing, Moore has the magnetism of a Piped Piper, drawing listeners from the void of emptiness and drowning them into a sea of pure sultry paradise

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